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A Week Full of Firsts for Kindy Students

It was a week full of firsts for Wilson Kindy students.

We hosted our first Teddy Bears’ Picnic to welcome all the new Kindies and their families to Rehoboth. It was also the first week that the Kindies met some of their classmates as well as visited their classrooms and officially met their teachers.

On Tuesday 28 January, children were asked to bring their favourite teddy to a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Each family set up their picnic blanket, or shared with another family, and enjoyed a picnic lunch while students started to investigate and enjoy our wonderful outdoor environment. It was so special meeting all of the new Kindies and their loved ones… including the teddies!

Then, on Wednesday and Friday, the new Kindy students attended full days for the first time. It was so exciting! We had our first Devotion and sang our first songs of praise to our mighty God together – some that we knew, and some that were new to us. We went around the room discovered the various play areas such as the Home Corner, Reading Corner, Construction Area, Painting Easels, and Drawing and College tables. So much choice and so little time to explore and enjoy!

For some of our students, being away from their parents for the whole day was a real challenge. For others, it was a whole day of sharing all that wonderful new play equipment and learning to wait your turn. For some, eating your lunch without Mum or Dad there was just a little scary, while for others the short rest in the afternoon presented a welcome break! For everyone, it was reassuring to see Mums and Dads and other family members at the end of the day. It was a very busy week indeed!

We trust that parents also had a great week as they left their little ones in our care. Rehoboth is an extension of the home and we continue the good work that you have done with your children as we teach them to know God and to love Jesus. We look forward to partnering with all of you throughout the year as we watch our children grow in every way.

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