A Colourful Kindy Experience

In Term 2, Kindy explored the that our amazing God has created.

In Term 2, Kindy explored the fabulous colours that our amazing God has created.

There are many ways we can enjoy all of God’s wonderful colours.  We began with the story of Noah and read of God’s promise to never flood the earth again. What did God use to show that promise? A beautiful colourful rainbow!

We then looked at a different colour each week. The children brought in an item from home to go onto our discovery table.  They took great pleasure in ‘sharing’ their item orally with the class.

God’s creation provided so many wonderful opportunities for us to explore colours too. We looked at autumn leaves on the light table, wondered about bulbs and planted them, explored the beautiful range of colours in citrus fruit and dragon fruit, and sprouted our very own sunflower seeds.

What better way to end Term 2 than with a wonderful colour celebration with both of Kindy classes together!

We made some different colours and flavours of jelly, popped on our aprons, and we were all set! We found our own space along the very loooong table. We were allowed to use our fingers to touch, lick, smell, mix, and explore the wonderful colours, textures, and tastes of the jelly.

As you can see from the photos, it truly was a fabulous sensory experience!

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