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2024 Rehoboth Cross-Country Competition

2024 Rehoboth Cross-Country Competition

The cross-country event was not just about physical achievement but also about celebrating the gifts God has given each individual.

The Rehoboth House Cross Country was a great success, filled with energy, determination, and community spirit. Students, staff, and parents gathered to witness and participate in a time dedicated to fitness, endurance, and sportsmanship. The course was challenging, yet the students displayed remarkable endurance and enthusiasm, echoing Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”

The cross-country event spread out over a week, was not just about physical achievement but also about celebrating the gifts God has given each individual and fostering a sense of unity and support within the Rehoboth community. It was great to see all the students supporting and cheering on one another as they crossed the finish line. Wycliffe House emerged victorious with an impressive score of 92, showcasing outstanding effort and perseverance. Newton House followed with a strong 68 points, and Tyndale House with a commendable 57 points.

Congratulations to all the runners who took part, pushing their limits and inspiring others through their efforts. Congratulations to the champions and runners-up who crossed the finish line first, demonstrating exceptional perseverance, athleticism, and endurance.

Year Student House Gender Time Age Position
7 Keira Beaver Wycliffe F 00:14:55 1
7 Bethany Moylan Newton F 00:16:34 2
7 Kealeboga Tshuma Tyndale M 00:13:36 1
7 Nathan Kitur Tyndale M 00:13:48 2
8 Ilse Bongers Wycliffe F 00:13:50 1
8 Emma Chen Wycliffe F 00:18:28 2
8 Levi Pickard Tyndale M 00:13:28 1
8 Reuben Verkerk Newton M 00:14:52 2
9 Heidi Collet Newton F 00:19:15 1
9 Makayla Moylan Newton F 00:19:26 2
9 Noah Strahan Wycliffe F 00:16:50 1
9 Arnold Overmeire Newton M 00:18:05 2
10 Sarai Kuilenburg Wycliffe F 00:27:04 1
10 Rebekah Fraser Newton F 00:29:46 2
10 Thandolwami Tshuma Tyndale M 00:15:37 1
10 Alex Ghebru Newton M 00:15:38 2
11 Elle Apa Newton F 00:21:50 1
11 Kayla Santoso Wycliffe F 00:24:09 2
11 Caleb Douglas Wycliffe M 00:15:29 1
11 Thomas Witcombe Tyndale M 00:15:36 2
12 Sariek Bongers Wycliffe F 00:21:24 1
12 Alana Beaney Wycliffe F 00:23:48 2
12 Ethan Wilson Tyndale M 00:15:03 1
12 Akira Hunter Newton M 00:15:03 2

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