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2022 Teen Challenge Ball

2022 Teen Challenge Ball

This was a night that we won’t forget!

The 2022 Teen Challenge school ball was a night that the Year 11 and 12 students won’t forget. From the delicious buffet of food to the crowning of dancing King and Queen, it was unforgettable.

The night started off with a couple of photographers and teachers taking photos of the students around Caversham house. It was beautiful. The waterfall was on, and there was a beautiful sunset happening as the backdrop for the photos. Then the night began, parents left, and teachers started to arrive. We started off with light refreshments and conversation between peers and then entered the venue to have dinner.

A lovely warm soup to begin, followed by an assortment of dishes from the buffet served to us by the kind staff of Caversham. Then came the dancing! Most of the students let loose for the night and had a bit of fun on the dance floor. We started off with a few of the routine dances that the students had been learning for several weeks during Senior Sport classes. They were terrific. The two different year groups mingling, and dancing together was honestly such a heart-warming thing to see.

As the night went on, more and more heels and jackets came off. A few of the girls who came prepared had brought either sneakers or flat shoes to continue dancing in. There was also a couple of film cameras per table, including staff tables, for everyone to capture the memories and moments throughout the night. This was an awesome idea and the photos will be available to everyone shortly. Then the wonderful MCs of the night, Mr Taylor and Mr Dougherty awarded Belle and Beau of the ball for each year group as well as dancing queen for both also.

It was a lovely evening for both staff and students.

By Tayla Whittle and Nelofar Shaeq
Year 12 Students

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