2022 House Swimming Carnival

And they’re off, Newton has a good start off the blocks, but it looks like Tyndale is pulling in front, oh and here comes Wycliffe. Well look at that folks, Wycliffe is in the lead, no surprise there! But not for long as Tyndale and Newton battle it out. Wycliffe has a comeback at the front, and with 5 metres to go, it looks like it’s the 2022 Rehoboth Swimming Carnival.

Rehoboth did indeed have a swim carnival, with some minor changes, as students who did not participate had to stay at school due to COVID restrictions. However, that didn’t stop some fierce competition and new challenges at a new venue.

The carnival was held at Kalamunda Water Park. It was the first swimming carnival for the Year 7s. It ran smoothly, with the occasional false start (shout out to Mr Blenny for jumping in). Tyndale had high hopes for a win this year, but what came next will be remembered for generations, Wycliffe and Newton’s chant battle.

Wycliffe and Newton battled head-to-head, yelling cheers of the past, and coming up with some new cheers that shook the ground! With the Year 12s leading, they set a good example for the younger generations of just how loud you need to scream to win the gold.

2022 also saw the comeback of some previous carnival games, such as the Bombie Competition (view the photos), and some special Year 12 races, such as the Ring race where the Year 12s dragged a poor Year 7 child across the pool (nah, they loved it), and the Kicking Noodle race, which ended up being a Drag-the-People-Who-Are-Trying-to-Kick race.

The PE Department worked super hard to get the carnival all planned and prepped, having to make last minute changes due to COVID restrictions (thanks PE Dept!), which meant there was time left over at the end of the carnival. The races went by so quickly (with less races) so everyone was allowed to get back in to splash and dance around (the Year 12s “moshed” in the water).

Everyone gave it their best shot, whether they had trained, or pulled out their bathers from the dusty cupboard. The competition was on-the-edge-of-your-seat type. In the end, there can only be one winner. So, without further ado, the 2022 Rehoboth Swimming Carnival Champion House with 573 points is Wycliffe!

With only 5 points between first and second place, that left Newton to come second with a score of 568. That does mean sadly (or happily, whichever House you’re in), that Tyndale (331 points) came third.

To sum up:


The Champions and Challenges of the carnival are still to be announced. 

We can’t wait to see what the Houses bring next year! All the best to anyone going to ACC Carnivals!

Signing out,

Kayla Bongers and Jordan Matthews
Rehoboth Sports Captains


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