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2022 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

2022 Governor's Prayer Breakfast

The breakfast served as a reminder that we are part of a bigger body of Christ and are called to pray for the leaders in our greater community.

On Friday 12 August, a number of Rehoboth board members and staff, including myself and Mr Peletier, along with four of our Year 12 students, Sam Bakulikira, Anna Murphy, Charlotte Phillips and Caleb Randall, attended the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast hosted at the Crown Ballroom. It was an honour to meet with 1200 attendees. Some local representatives and the Governor of Western Australia, His excellency the Honourable Chris Dawson were present at the breakfast. Mr Dawson shared stories of his humble beginnings and how he still walks the streets of Perth and prays for our city.

Mr Graham Mabury was the keynote speaker and he shared some of his life stories with us. He previously was the radio host of the Nightline Program for 33 years, and Lifeline WA grew from this. Every Nightline Program would end with the song ‘One day at a time, sweet Jesus.’ Many people in crisis would phone Graham for support and encouragement. Graham encouraged us to be good listeners, be ready to follow wherever God leads us and to be the light in the darkness.

This breakfast served as a good reminder that we are part of a bigger body of Christ, and we are called to pray for our leaders, our upcoming young people, our business leaders and our greater community. 

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