Our 2018 Student Prefect Captains

I would like to introduce our College Captain, Timothy Komaiya, and Vice Captain, Rachael Fleming. Over the next few weeks, each student leader will be sharing a little about themselves and their beliefs about what leadership means at Rehoboth Christian College.

Timothy Komaiya 2018

Timothy Komaiya

Communism shall prevail! Sorry, that was the history student in me – but at least I got your attention! My name is Timothy Komaiya, and I am the 2018 College Captain. I’m a God-fearing, basketball loving, movie and gym enthusiast who enjoys the occasional bike ride. Some of my core values include honesty, humility, respect, and family which I attribute greatly to my wonderful parents. And with those core values, comes a hardworking, driven personality.

It is a great honour and pleasure to serve the school that has nurtured and directed my path for the past eight years. By God’s grace, the Prefect Council and I will be able to support the school in enhancing the experience here at Rehoboth with the goal of positively impacting and influencing students for years to come.

PS If you ever need me, I’m probably at the basketball court.

Rachael Fleming 2018

Rachael Fleming

I am Rachael Fleming. I am proud to say that I have been attending Rehoboth since kindergarten. In Year 12, I am studying Human Biology, Maths Applications, Literature, Geography, and Modern History. I also enjoy many sports including Soccer.

Last year I went on the Philippines Mission Trip and really enjoyed making a difference in the lives of the people there, and in my own. I’m keen to go again at the end of this year. I commend Rehoboth for being supportive of missions and outreaches. Mission trips to Leonora, Indonesia, and the Philippines are amazing opportunities that Rehoboth provides for students which enables them to experience the world and grow in their faith.

I really like the community and how teachers make an effort to check up on students to see how they are coping with their workloads etc. Due to the small numbers in the school, you get to know most of the people you see every day, which builds the community feel of the school. I also like the Christ-centred education, so that in all areas of life that we learn in our subjects we can grasp just how much God really is at the centre of all things.

I believe the definition of leadership is when someone decides to stand up for those around them and act as their voice – not only being able to lead the group, but being able to serve them just as Jesus served others. To be able to humble yourself to see the needs of people and using your position to benefit others. I would like the student leaders to be able to bridge the gap between students and teachers, as well as students between different year groups. I would like us to be able to set a spiritual example to those around us and to show the love of Christ to the younger years.


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