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2015 NAPLAN Results: Kenwick Primary

Recently we sent home the NAPLAN results for students in Years 3 and 5 for 2015. At Rehoboth, we delight in seeing children’s progress and celebrate success. Many traits of a successful learner and, more importantly, a follower of Christ are not tested by NAPLAN or any other form of examination. As far as Literacy and Numeracy are concerned, NAPLAN is only one form of assessment and parents should be aware that students are constantly being assessed in a variety of ways as feedback for their continued learning. A child’s learning is measured in much more than just one test.

Having said that, our Year 3 students scored close to the National average this year and we, as a staff, have looked at the results for specific students. When we do this we notice strengths and weaknesses and use this to plan our teaching and learning programs.

We also looked at the growth of our students in Year 5. We have included these graphs to show that, in many areas, our students are doing extremely well. For instance, we have focused on literacy and a love of reading through our Literature Appreciation and Lexile programs. This has resulted in a marked improvement in our Reading results. For the last couple of years we have also placed more emphasis on Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar as part of the English programs and you can see the improvements in those areas.

We are currently working on improving the writing of our students. We begin in the early years with oral language: telling a story, describing events, stepping through a procedure, and giving reports about what we have learnt. This then prepares children for writing narratives, procedures, recounts, reports, and expositions (persuasive writing).

If you have any concerns regarding NAPLAN please come and talk to Mrs Pike.

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