Kenwick first opened as a high school campus in 1979, after moving from its previous location in Kensington. It provided families who had students enrolled at Wilson with an option to continue the Christian education they desired for their children in a high school setting. Currently, our Secondary School has almost 200 students enrolled.

In 2005, our second Primary School was opened. Further expansion in 2012 enabled the Kenwick Campus to offer a complete K-12  program and we now have over 200 students enrolled at Kenwick Primary School. One of the great strengths of this Campus is the outstanding Year 7 Endeavour Program, designed to assist students in making the transition from Primary to Secondary schooling.

The Kenwick Campus is also perfectly situated to take advantage of learning opportunities afforded by the adjacent Brixton Street Wetlands. At only 19 hectares, this relatively small plot of protected land nevertheless contains an incredibly diverse ecosystem, boasting some 320 plant species – more even than Kings Park. Over 80 of these species are rare and endangered plants and are protected under Commonwealth legislation. The Wetlands are also a habitat for Quendas, waterbirds, and many other animals. Students are able to study some of this diversity as part of their curriculum.

Physical Education and Performing Arts are among the many College activities that have taken on new life since the opening of our multipurpose hall in 2012. We are able to provide indoor facilities for a range of sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer, while the well-equipped stage space gives our drama productions and assemblies a professional edge. Students who wish to participate are able to learn valuable skills in setting up and operating audiovisual equipment, while those on stage develop verbal communication skills and self-confidence.

A Transperth bus stop is located right next to us on Brixton Street, and Kenwick Train Station is only a short walk.

Please contact the Kenwick Campus to arrange a tour and to discuss how we can partner with you to provide Christian education for your children:

Kenwick Primary

94 Kenwick Road, Kenwick WA 6107
P +61 8 9452 1245 | F +61 8 9452 7811 | E

Kenwick Secondary

Entry via Brixton Street
P +61 8 9459 7700 | F +61 8 9493 2851 | E

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