2016 Annual General Meeting

Members, Affiliates, staff, and supporters of the Association Christian Education are invited to attend the 2015 Annual General Meeting:

Date: Tuesday 29 March 2016
Time: Arrive by 7:00pm for tea, coffee and dessert before the meeting commences at 7:30pm.
Where: The Rehoboth Centre – Kenwick Campus (entry via Brixton Street)

AGM packs have been sent to all families. We strongly encourage attendance as this is a significant opportunity for you to be involved in the College, and to keep up to date with what’s happening at your school. For any queries related to the AGM or the Association in general please contact the Business Office – call 9452 1833 or email.

General Information

ACE holds two General Meetings throughout the year, which are open to Members, Affiliates, parents, staff, supporters, and the general public.

Our General Meetings are a significant opportunity for you to contribute to the ongoing mission of Christian education in Western Australia. Your attendance, support, and input are always highly valued and enable us to run productive meetings where the contributions of members can be taken into account.

Our Annual General Meeting is normally held on the last Monday in March. This is when we publish our Annual Report and the Fee Schedule for the coming year is approved by Members. Members are strongly encouraged to attend as there are often many items for voting and it is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into how the College operates.

In October, we hold our General Meeting, again on the last Monday of the month. This meeting is used to deliver progress reports from the Board on the activities of the Association, and from the CEO on the activities of the College. It is a valuable learning opportunity for all members, affiliates, and supporters.

Details of our upcoming meetings can be found on the College Calendar. Our last two Annual Reports and copies of minutes are available below

Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Minutes of 2013 AGM

Minutes of 2013 AGM (Reconvened)

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