Rehoboth Christian College A Balmy Day for Cross Country
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Rehoboth’s first season in the ACC continued on Thursday 1 June 2017 with the Interschool Cross Country Competition at Perry Lakes in the city. Unfortunately our Year 11-12 students couldn’t take part due to exams, but nevertheless 48 Year 7-10 students attended the competition. It was more like the first day of summer than winter, as God blessed us with superb weather for running around in His beautiful creation.

We had more than 6500 athletes participating in the Cross Country course as 67 of the 78 ACC schools entered on the day. Girls were given a 3km course to run and boys a 4km course.

The day started off with the under 13 Girls (mostly Year 7’s). Rehoboth had 6 girls entered in this race, which saw 472 athletes at the starting line for a 3km run on the oval and through bush land at Perry Lakes. Kayla Bongers came 32nd with a time of 12:01.79 and did the best in this race for Rehoboth (39th out of 58 teams). Other highlights in the Girls division saw Tori Moss coming in 13th place at a time of 11:28.74 out of more than 450 under 14 Girls, and Rehoboth’s under 14 Girls 27th out of 54 Girl teams on the day.

Highlights in the boy’s division came in the under 16 Boys division and included Manfred Kelly with a time of 15:42.67 for a 4km run, therefore under 4min/km, well done Manfred! Armand Pretorius also did really well in the OPEN division with a time of 15:55.21, therefore 3.58min/km, also under 4min/km; well done.

In fact, Rehoboth had 1 girl and 3 boys who could run 3km in under 4min/km; very impressive!

Individual student results

Manfred Kelly15:42.673:55
Shani Joyi15:52.343:58
Armand Pretorius15:55.213:58
Jayden Moss16:16.874:04
Diego Riffo-Vera16:59.914:14
Marcus Olde17:05.194:16
Jason Anggadjaja17:19.424:19
Ethan Douglas17:25.454:21
Brody Blennerhassett17:36.374:24
Carlu Martens18:03.314:30
Caleb Scott19:21.944:50
Mun Chai20:57.195:14
Tristan Blok21:37.675:24
Tiaan Hunter21:42.925:25
Jake Thygesen22:18.315:34
Jordan Tuffin22:21.135:35
Samuel Sillah23:02.495:45
Mark Abenes23:38.545:54
Kory Payne24:20.886:05


Tori Moss11:28.743:49
Kayla Bongers12:01.794:00
Ruth Bronkhorst13:11.984:23
Sally Mutton13:30.924:30
Avery Wrener13:51.744:37
Tadiwa Kapatika13:57.894:39
Rosie Young14:00.484:40
Tamika Klomp14:15.314:45
Hayley Kuilenburg14:25.724:48
Sarah Naylor14:30.724:50
Nikta Strickling14:47.064:55
Emily Bronkhorst15:29.885:09
Tiani Klomp15:36.775:12
Amelia Mutton15:46.965:15
Hannah van Dam15:47.415:15
Mikayla Douglas16:08.15 5:22
Caitlyn Randall16:15.905:25
Emily Hobday16:33.245:31
Rabecca Hulston16:53.35 5:37
Natalie Kappert18:57.666:19


Rehoboth couldn’t compete in the overall team competition as we didn’t have athletes in all races, but nevertheless we were ranked in some age groups as follows:

Under 13 Girls3958
Under 13 Boys4658
Under 14 Girls2754
Under 14 BoysNot a full team on the day54
Under 15 Girls4851
Under 15 Boys5254
Under 16 Girls4347
Under 16 Boys4151
OPEN GIRLSNo team on the day42
OPEN BOYSNo team on the day46


It is with great anticipation that we now look forward to the House and Interschool Athletics carnivals coming up in Term 3.